The Graph Network — How to delegate using stake2earn 🌜

What is The Graph Network?

In the Graph Network, there are 4 main roles: Indexers, Curators, Delegators and Consumers. For the economical security and to make sure the integrity of the data is queried, all people involved in the project stake and use a token named Graph Tokens (GRT).

What is each entity and more detailed description can be found on GRT official website:

How to delegate using stake2earn🌜?

2. Choose the Indexer by ID 👇

Stake2earn indexer’s addresses: 0x7ddf0c8cb0167870bf7cc5368792c93aeeb15430

3. To Delegate click the “Delegate” button

Don’t forget to check all the parameters and sum of GRT you want to stake and click “Submit transaction”. Pay attention that there is a 0,5% transaction fee.

If you want to track all the changes, you can do this in your account.

All is now set to stake, so.. Good luck at staking! 🌜

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the stake2earn team via Telegram or e-mail:

We are also very social, and you can find us on:

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