Solana — How to stake Solana with stake2earn using Solflare and Ledger Nano X

How to stake your Solana to stake2earn?

1. Set up your Ledger Nano X

First things first! You will need to install the current version of the Solana app on your Ledger device.

2. Access your Solflare Account

Access the platform https:/ and click “Create” in the top right menu bar.

3. Creating a Stake Account

After your Wallet Account was successfully funded, you can now create one or more Stake Accounts. If you want to delegate to more than one validator, you will need to create a Stake Account for each delegation. You can split your funds in your Wallet Account, but don’t forget that for each transaction there is a small fee. So, leave some $SOL behind to assure this fee is paid.

4. Delegating your Stake

Now, you can select “Delegate Now” next to your Stake Account, and afterwards you will need to select the validator of your choice and click “Next”.



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